Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Late Night Blogging: Kenner Star Wars Toys Commercials

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  1. Oh man, my inner seven year old is experiencing some serious toy lust now! Had the landspeeder, a friend had the Millennium Falcon. I seriously wanted the X-Wing and Tie Fighter but only ever got the smaller (the ones not to scale with the action figures) metal versions that Christmas. I do remember being pleasantly surprised with the quality of the metal spaceships as they looked a bit cheap in the Sears Christmas Catalog pictures. The "floating" effect of the landspeeder was actually pretty good considering it was just provided by soft springs and hard-to-see wheels!

    There are also some things in these commercials I don't even remember seeing on TV let alone in person - e.g. the "Patrol Dewback" the extra large action figures or the boxy droid that looks like the Silent Running robots.

    And what have I got left from all that? A beat up small size Millennium Falcon missing the radar dish and with the top gun turret replaced with one from a Y-Wing!