Monday, November 05, 2012

Television and Cinema Verities #44

"I think all of us were stunned by it, because it's like being at war, and then somebody shows you war movies made during the battle.  Each shot comes up and you think of the context and the struggle related to it.  The whole thing is a little hard to take in.  The film has a strange pace too.  I've sat with eager midnight shows watching the thing, and you get to the twenty-four minute mark and the kids behind you are saying 'this sucks, nothing's happening, when's there going to be some blood?'  then, as soon as Betsy gets stabbed in the ankle with the pencil, you're off to the races and they're going, 'Arrgh, this is good...'"

- The Evil Dead (1983) cinematographer Tim Philo discusses his reaction to the Sam Raimi film in my 2004 book The Unseen Force: The Films of Sam Raimi.

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  1. Raimi has gotten flack from horror purists for his purported plans to remake 'Poltergeist', and I am usually banging the drum loudest against remakes. While I am not a fan of remakes in general, I look forward with anticipation to Raimi's version. Raimi is no Michael Bay, whose remakes are a cash grab from someone with no love for the genre. Raimi can, and I believe will, follow in the footsteps of Carpenter, Cronenberg, and Philip Kaufman who made superior remakes to classics.


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