Monday, November 12, 2012

Television and Cinema Verites #45

"...each one had, at the helm, such an original visionary. Ridley transformed the idea of space from this sterile, cerebral place to a place where people actually got up and had breakfast and swore and griped and carried on like regular people. Then Jim [Cameron] took it to a whole other scale of story and emotional resonance. Each director has put his own emotional stamp on it and I think they're all legit. It was kind of dizzying to go from one to another, even though there were some years between..."

- Sigourney Weaver discusses the four Alien films, and their directors in a 2010 interview with Shock Till You Drop's Silas Lesnick.

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  1. I would not mind seeing David Fincher get another crack at a 'Alien' film. 'Alien 3' was his first feature and after 20 years of filmmaking and a rep now as one of the most respected directors in the biz, he should get a 2nd bite at the apple.