Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Collectible of the Week: The Amazing Energized Spider-Man (Remco; 1978)

I'm a major Superman fan, but I've always loved Spider-Man too.  I suspect this love is in part because of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon from Grantray-Lawrence, which I watched religiously as a kid, and which is now available for free streaming on Netflix.  Joel and I have been watching the episodes together and really enjoying them, despite the limited animation and basic story lines.

Anyway, in 1978,  when I was eight years old, I got my hands on Remco's Amazing Energized Spider-Man action figure.  This version of Spidey stood a whopping foot tall, as I recall, and though he was stiff (meaning lacking in articulation), he came with a number of really cool gadgets, such as a "Spider Sense Activator," a viewer, and a "Spider Light."  He also came with a web so you could snare the bad guys.  He couldn't actually swing from a web, but he could at least hang from a web, which was almost as cool.  You could activate the web gadget and watch Spider-Man climb by activating a switch on his belt.

Remco also released a Spider-Copter for their hero, and a super-villain to fight, a Green Goblin that I desperately wanted but never owned.  I seem to have some memories of owning the Spider-Copter, but I can't tell at this point if it is just wishful thinking because sometimes I remember it as a BatCopter.  

In 1979, Remco released additional "energized" superheroes, including the Incredible Hulk, Batman and Superman.  I never got my hands on any of those figures, but I loved my Amazing Energized Spider-Man.

Today, alas, all I have left of this toy are the instructions!

Below is a TV advertisement for the Amazing Energized Spider-Man.


  1. Never knew that Spidey even needed a chopper to get around. And who the heck was 'Red Dragon'?

    The other 'Energized...' toys were good, though.

    BTW, are there any new toys that you like based on popular culture heroes/sci-fi?

  2. Hi I have this figure sans battery cover climbing web and accessories. All of the ones I've seen on the web aare missing the foot or hand or even head. :) If you're interested, I may be willing to part with it for the right price.