Monday, April 16, 2012

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Guardians

Identified by Hugh: John Carradine as Brother Jerome in The Twilight Zone: "The Howling Man."

Identified by Woodchuckgod: The Guardian of Forever in Star Trek: "City on the Edge of Forever."

Identified by Chris G.: Star Trek: The Animated Series: "Yesteryear."

Identified by Pierre Fontaine: Space:1999: "The Guardian of Piri."

Identified by Hugh: Valentine Dyall as The Black Guardian in Doctor Who, "Enlightenment."

Identified by Pierre Fontaine: Jason of Star Command: "The Power of the Star Disk."
Identified by Carl: Buck Rogers: "The Guardians."

Identified by Woodchuckgod: The Guardians in Challenge of the Gobots.

Identified by Pierre Fontaine: Portal of the T'Kon Empire in Star Trek: The Next Generation: "TheI Last Outpost."

Identified by Chris G.: Simon Baker in The Guardian.


  1. 1. Is from Twilight Zone
    5. Is Valentine Dyall's Black Guardian on Doctor Who. The bird-on-the-head comes from the trilogy with Turlough

  2. Hi Hugh,

    Outstanding identifications in our gallery of guardians. Yep, 1 is from The Twilight Zone: "The Howling Man" and the Black Guardian comes from Doctor Who! Perfect!


  3. woodchuckgod8:57 AM

    Let's see...

    #2) Original Trek I believe. City on the Edge of Forever? Not sure. It's early.

    #8) These would be an assortment of Go-Bots, though I couldn't tell you their names.

  4. Chris G9:07 AM

    #2 is the Guardian of Forever from Star Trek, and #3 is the Guardian of Forever from Star Trek: The Animated Series.

    #8 are Go-Bots; I think the jet was named Guardian? This is the first time I have thought of Go-Bots in 25 years or so.

    #10 is Simon Baker from the series "The Guardian."

  5. #4 is from Space:1999, "The Guardian of Piri".
    #6 is Jason of Star Command, "The Power of the Star Disk"
    #9 is Star Trek The Next Generation, "The Last Outpost"
    #7 looks like it's from a 70's TV show, so I'm going to guess Logan's Run!

  6. Hi everyone, you're all doing great keeping up with the guardians of cult-tv.

    Woodchuckgod, you correctly id'd the Guardian of Forever and the Go-Bots. Excellent!

    Chris G: You got #3 and #10, outstanding!

    And Pierre, you correctly identified #4, #6 and #9.

    But #7 is still on the table!


  7. Is 7 from Buck Rogers in the 20th Century?

  8. #7 must be Buck Rogers!

  9. Carl, yes! you just beat Brian to it! Great Job!