Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Robot


  1. Wow! I love robots and this one is still incredibly hard to me...

    1. No idea.
    2. Robbie - Lost in Space
    3. No idea.
    4. Dunno - Looks like the cover to a Fred Saberhagen book I read - Robot Assassin
    5. No idea.
    6. No idea.
    8. WIKI - Jason of Star Command
    9. K9 - Dr. Who
    10. Twiki - Buck Rogers in 25th Century
    12. Crow/Tom - MST3K
    13. Is this from Earth 2? I dunno. Set looks like it.

  2. 2. The Robot from Lost in Space (not Robbie, who was from Forbidden Planet)

    4. Either a robot from Beyond Westworld or one of the robots from The Six Million Dollar Man made by the same guy who went on to create the Fembots.

    6. Peepo from Space Academy

    10. Chricton from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Season 2)

  3. Crikey. Robot from Lost in Space, K9, Crichton, Twiki, MST3k are all familar. The second one is definitely the robot from that classic Outer Limits episode. Afraid I'm a little vague on the rest!

  4. Robot-Roll-Call



    Tom Servo


  5. Great selections for this. BTW, I do believe (somewhere mid to late in the series), Robbie made an appearance with Robot in the Lost in Space series. Although, I do not believe Marvin Miller supplied the voice of Robbie when he did. Thanks, John.

  6. You guys are knockin' these out!

    Nick: You correctly identified Wiki (Jason of Star Command), K-9, Twiki (and don't forget Dr. Theopolis around his neck...) and the Bots on the Satellite of Love, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. Oh, and yep # 13 is the robot from Earth 2. Well done.

    Howard: Nice job! You added the Lost in Space Robot (B9), Peepo from Space Academy and Crichton from Buck Rogers to the tally.

    James - awesome! You recognized the robot from the Outer Limits episode, "I Robot."

    We still have a few left!

    Namely (top to bottom):

    # 1, 4, 5 and 6!!!

    Any takers?

    best to all,

  7. HPrice5:51 PM

    Woahh. So many terrible robots so little time ... hehe.

    Is no.5 from that terrible 2nd season Space:1999 episode with that ... robot/computer/thing?? :D

    [I've only been through the entire 2nd season once so I'm probably totally wrong but then again so is everyone else probably ... so I'll not grumble lol]

    Best wishes

    Hprice, Christchurch, NZ

    ps James McLean from the "Back to Frank Black" podcast!! ... well I never ... who'd have thunk?? :D

    pps And No 4.?? Not from Nightstalker is it?? Or Android?? hmmm ...

    ppps What? And no Metal Mickey?? hehe

  8. Hprice:

    Nice job. # 4 is indeed from Kolchak the Night Stalker. That's Mr. Ring (from the episode of the same name!). And yep, # 5 is from Space:1999. Remember the episode title? (Brian the Brain!)

    That only leaves 1 and 6!

    Thanks for playing! :)


  9. Anonymous7:02 PM

    #1 is Robert the Robot from Fireball XL5
    I am still working on #6, looks familiar.
    And by the way, the Rock'em Sock'em Robots are on their way to your place for not including Rosie or Bender, lol
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  10. Trick or Treat Pete -- You never cease to amaze me! Wow! You got it: #1 is Robert the Robot from Fireball XL5 indeed. Incredible!

    And jeez, you are absolutelyr ight about Bender and Rosie. They should have been there too. (And maybe Muffit from BSG as well...)

    You are -- as always - AWESOME! :)


  11. Anonymous11:17 PM

    @JKM I love Muffit!
    thanks for the compliment, it took me a bit of searching to figure it out, since off hand I didn't know it. I still have no idea what #6 is.
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  12. Sweet mother... I found it..

    #6 is the robot from "Quark" - named Andy.

    Took almost an hour of digging. I distinctly remember watching that show on at my Grandmother's house. She had a little 5 inch black/white TV on her kitchen table that we watched while she made dinner.

    And for what it's worth, I know that "Robbie" was NOT the robot from Lost in Space, but rather from Forbidden Planet. I think he also may have been on ARK ][. For some reason my brain refuses to remember that "The Robot" was called only that, on Lost in Space.

  13. Nick -- you got it, buddy! That's Andy the Robot from Quark, in the mid-1970s. Good digging, and job well-done!