Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Resident Alien


  1. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Great images!!! Sigh, I have a confession...I had a secret crush on Warf from STNG. There, I said it, I wanted to be the one he married, not Dax!!! So she has a little critter living in side her that keeps the memories of all the others hosts it's ever had, big deal. Now a zombie and a klingon, that's something to talk about!!
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  2. Great post! Good to see "Quark" get some love in this rundown.

  3. Doughboy8109:21 AM

    Nice Pics. Is that Tamara Dobson of "Jason of Star Command"? Thanks John!

  4. I met Kes once, before she was Kes. I worked with her brother, and she came in to pick him up. She was just a soap opera actress at that point. True story. Boring, but true.

  5. Hi everyone,

    Trick or Treat Pete: I didn't have a good still of Worf, but he's a great "resident alien" (on two series, no less...). I always liked the guy, but watch out, he had bad luck with women. Both of his wives were murdered... :)

    Nate: Yep, Quark is in there, my friend. I always loved Ficus. What a great riff on the Spock character...

    Doughboy810: that is indeed the late Tamara Dobson from the second season of Jason of Star Command!

    BT: When I saw Kes at a convention, she had just been fired, I think, and was brutal to the fans. And I mean, brutal. One fan asked her "what's your background?" and she said "This wall," and pointed to the wall on stage. Sounds funny, but man, was she mean...and out-of-it. I think this is where some of the rumors of drug use/alcohol abuse may have begun. I don't know. But I've never seen a celebrity be so rude to people who paid to see her.

    That said, I love the character of Kes, and Jennifer Lien's performances in the role.

    best to all,

  6. Mmmm, a little Jared Martin goes a long way with me!

    I've never seen this show. Now I gotta! :)

  7. Whoops! I should say, I've never seen that still of Jared Martin! I was so blown away by his beauty that I didn't realize these were all from different shows. Wow. I sound like a doofus. A doofus who is IN LOVE WITH Jared Martin! ;)

  8. Dear JKM,

    I don't get you. You liked Jennifer Lien as Kes? And you liked her character? That is all.

    Will :)

    PS: Is number 8 Robert Englund from V?

  9. Amanda by Night: You and my wife share that love of Jared Martin. She goes gaga over him whenever we watch FANTASTIC JOURNEY. Which made me just realize, he's from the future in that show, Varian, but not an alien. So maybe I was blinded by his beauty too. Technically he's not a resident alien, but a resident other. Oopsy.

    Will: That is indeed Willie (Robert Englund) from V. Nice catch! Regarding Kes (and her character's potential), check out my flashback of Voyager a couple of months back in which I discuss her role and the performance. I maintain she could have been one of the greatest modern-day Trek characters...with some decent writing and a little attention!!!!

    Not hard to understand at all! :)



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