Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Brief Tour of Movies, Music, Love...and Sex...

"When a man and a woman in a movie musical sing...they're in love. When they dance...they want to have sex."

-Ancient movie musical proverb


  1. hah! That last one was a pretty funny on to sneak in there at the end.

    I recently caught up with thoroughly enjoyed (500) DAYS OF SUMMER and the musical sequence in that one, scored to Hall & Oates was pretty fantastic!

  2. No matter how many times I see it, the puppet scene still cracks me up.

  3. My tiny little teenage mind had no chance in containing Kim Bassinger in 1986, but my God she was something to behold. Thanks for the memories.

  4. In fact, I'm sorry, Olivia Newton John was too hot to handle too, but damned if I didn't try to get my mind around that film. Holy toledo. There was just no one who could compare, except for maybe Kim.