Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Cult-TV Faces of: David Duchovny


  1. Well...this is easy, outside of screen cap #2 which I have to guess.

    #1: Twin Peaks, season 2.

    #2: Don't tell me it's one of those Red Shoes Diaries episodes?

    #3: X-Files?

    #4: Space: Above and Beyond...that strange vacation episode. It was an uncredited appearance.

    #5: Millennium, season 2, Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense

  2. Here goes.

    1. Twin Peaks
    2. The Rapture (guess)
    3. X files
    4. Space Above and Beyond
    5. Millenium

  3. Josef and BT: Good work to you both.

    Josef, you got all five photos, and BT you did great save for number 2 (though the Rapture was a good guess...).

    Now, who can name the specific episode titles for photos # 3 and #4?



  4. Well, it's R&R for the Space: Above and Beyond.

    But since I'm more of Millennium fan and while I like the X-Files, I haven't seen all the episodes. So I can't even guess. But I suppose the cut lip should provide a clue. Possibly the aftermath of an episode in Mulder's office?

  5. My favorite actor and my all-time favorite character (Mulder) who just happens to be in my all-time favorite show (X-Files) and a show in my top 10 or 15 (Californication).

    People always wonder if I'm joking when I say he's my favorite actor but Duchovny is good. . .very good. . .when he is in his element.

  6. I can't be certain, but the first episode of the X-Files that came to mind for #3 was "731" from season 3?


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