Friday, May 28, 2010

Now Available on DVD: Haunted (2002)

Haunted was a UPN series that aired in 2002 and starred Matthew Fox before he became a star on Lost (2004 - 2010).

Here, Fox played Frank Taylor, a detective who could communicate with the dead. The supernatural program was canceled after seven hour-long episodes aired in prime time, but this new DVD release features all eleven episodes produced.

I watched the series when it originally aired eight years ago, (I used to have a lot more time, apparently...) and was moderately impressed. I'll be curious to see how Haunted holds up almost a decade later. I remember that back in the day, everybody was obsessed with comparing the show to The Sixth Sense (1999), so it didn't have a good chance to establish much of an identity. Today, that might not be an issue, and an objective retrospective seems in order...

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  1. Ah yes John. I knew you would get to this show sooner or later. I have been singing it's praises since it first aired as I watched it also during it's original run. I was really impressed with the series and had hoped UPN would give it a chance, but the ratings were not what UPN wanted. I think this is a highly underrated show which had the involvement of Millennium alums Kay Reindl and Erin Maher as show writers and producers, and the music of Mark Snow. A fantastic series that everyone should take another look at. Thanks for posting this John!