Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good? He's the BEST!


  1. One of the best MST3k segments--classic!

  2. I still sing this track (the MST3K version) all the time during slow moments of the day at work.

    And you can NEVER go without saying 'Good. . .he's the BEST' whenever someone says 'he's good' in a movie or TV show.

  3. Trumpy! You can do STUPID things! :D

  4. You know, Pod People was the very first MST3K Kathryn and I ever saw (at midnight, on Comedy Central, back in January of 1994...) and it has remained a favorite ever since. It's not often listed up there with "Manos" or "Space Mutiny" or some of the more famous episodes, but it's really incredibly funny.

    I just watched "Warrior of the Lost World" for the first time on the new DVD set, and it's pretty damn funny too. There's a whole ten minute riff about an action hero who resembles Jimmy Carter, and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. "Taste my malaise, sucker!"


  5. My favorite riff involves MST3K's ability to match obscure figures in really strange, alien circumstances.

    It's from The Rebel Set. The 'sing whenever I sing whenever I sing' guy from The Giant Gila Monster is sitting on a hill with a rifle preparing to engage in a heist.

    Joel then goes: Tommy Kirk, Assassin.

    Kills me everytime.

  6. Even when they're off ("The Girl in Lover's Lane") they can sometimes find a nice running joke to offset it (a truck driver in a jaunty ballcap is referred to as Gene Kelly for five straight minutes, complete with show tune snippets).

  7. Lee Hansen2:12 AM

    Onr of my faves is from City Limits when one of the baddies screams like a girl seconds before a radio-comtrolled plane hits the watch tower and blows up, prompting the riff "Death with dignity."