Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Cyber Horror Awards are Here!

Forget about the Oscars! Take a stroll down the bloody red carpet instead: The 2009 Cyber Horror Awards are live!

Along with B-Sol and Iloz Zoc, I was part of the award nominating committee this year before the official voting period began.

I must say, the final results are really fascinating. I'm especially pleased to see some of the Drag Me To Hell love, particularly for composer Christopher Young and actress Lorna Raver.

Are the results controversial? Perhaps so, but 2009 was, in my opinion, an outstanding year for the horror genre. In addition to Sam Raimi's triumphant return to horror, we had Zombieland, Orphan, Antichrist, Trick'r'Treat, Pandorum, plus Jennifer's Body and the ever-divisive (but endlessly fascinating) Halloween 2.

Go over that list again, slowly this time and consider each title: there's a zombie comedy set in a post-apocalyptic, post "hateful" America, an Interloper "Bad Seed" film with a twist, a symbolic psychological horror of enormous power, a quasi-anthology about the rituals of Halloween, a high-tech space horror, a quirky teenage romp with a feminist bent, and a remake that strays far from the source material but offers a singular personal vision in its stead.

Frankly, I wish all years had offerings as diverse, as exciting, as controversial, and as original as what we saw in 2009. In any other year, Orphan, Antichrist, Drag Me to Hell, Zombieland, Jennifer's Body and Pandorum might have been a safe bet for best horror film. But this year, competition was fierce.

Read the whole tally of Awards here.


  1. Thanks for helping with the nominations, John! It was an amazing year for horror, and I think the awards bear that out.

  2. Hey B-Sol,

    It was my pleasure to be involved in the process, especially in what you rightly term an amazing year for the genre.