Friday, April 17, 2009


Red alert: The Playmates toys from J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek (2009) are beaming down to store shelves now. I was in Target with Joel yesterday trying to explain to him that there were no toys available for Thundercats (his new favorite characters...). He was disappointed, but quickly spotted the "starship Enterprise" (from the Galaxy Collection...) at his eye level.

I successfully resisted l my urge to spend a lot of money and settled for the Enterprise and the Original Spock action figure. I then channeled some self-discipline and exercised extreme will-power. Yep, I left the communicator, new phaser, the transporter room diorama and other figures (Chekov, Sulu, Pike!) hanging there...untouched. But wow, these toys are gorgeous.

Better not go back to Target anytime soon. At least not till I get my next royalty statement...


  1. Hold on. "Cadet McCoy?" Since when is McCoy younger than Kirk?

  2. Hah! Hey Howard!

    Well, McCoy did enter Starfleet later in life, if his back-story is consistent with original series lore. He could conceivably be a cadet at the same time as Kirk, and still be a good several years older, right?

    I think what "Cadet McCoy" means in terms of figures is that he's wearing the cadet uniform, not the typical blue uniform we associate him with. I've seen him in both outfits in the trailers. Early on he must be a cadet, before he is assigned to Enterprise.