Friday, March 07, 2008

The House Between 2.6: "Distressed"

Ghosts migrate to the house at the end of the universe, and provide the key to a series of historical mysteries. The ghosts grow increasingly dangerous, possessing the living and injuring the denizens. Now it's up to Astrid (Kim Breeding), Theresa (Alicia A. Wood), Arlo (Jim Blanton) and Sgt. Brick (Craig Eckrich) to solve the mystery. What they find has repercussions for Travis (Lee Hansen). Written and directed by: John Kenneth Muir. Produced for the Lulu Show LLC by Joseph Maddrey.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Dear John "reflections on film" Muir:This is going to be a longish response so hold on to your hat if your wearing one.I discovered HOUSE BETWEEN after the first Sci-Fi Portal report(Conversation in THE HOUSE BETWEEN) and ate up all 7 episodes of the first season.I was absorbed by the show and felt it was a puzzle inside a puzzle.Watching your second season now I realize you have done something even more titilation.Again bear along.I read all of your directing and writing notes and everything about the show and come to understand that each new episode is an examination of us too not just those characters.Here goes:Returned = abortion.Bill is pro-choice and Travis is pro-life.Seperated = child abuse and sexual abuse.Reunited = gulf war 2 The character you play Sam (Uncle Sam!) is George W. Bush in the shadow of his brother or father.Populated = illegal immigration.Which brings us to Distressed which you said in your blog is about end of life.I now say what you failed to put in :this episode is about Terri Schiavo.Astrid equates with the religious right acting well-meaning to help Travis but really forcing her decision on him against his objections (I said no and I meant it).Travis is the family member who does not want to wallow in his pain just wants to be left alone with memories. What I like about this is not only that you turn the series into this mirror for us but that like you said it is not preachy. You said you dont judge you observe. Even when you come closest to judging in Reunited it is not viciously anti-Bush because Sam in your acting is so charismatic like the real Bush. Watching Sam you have a love hate relationship with him, like the real CinC.He would be fun to party with (or bbq)and I like that there is even a party in that episode. Remember when everyone asked who would you rather party withBush or Gore? The answer was Bush and in HOUSE BETWEEN the answer is "slam dunk" Sam.You cant deny it is a different program secnd time around but it is a deeper one.There are still puzzles but now they are about thecharacter hearts not in external things.

  2. Anonymous:

    I just read your post to moderate it and pass it through, and was gratified to see your comments. I'm glad you find some relevant ideas in The House Between. That pleases me no end.

    Sign up at the discussion board for the show (or at the Sy Fy Portal Sy Board) and keep the discussion going! Our community is growing!! (I'm thinking about putting a comment "keep circulating the downloads!" over the end credits...)

    I have to admit, however, this is the first time I have been compared to George W. Bush! Wonders never cease...I guess I'm "the decider..."


  3. Wow, Anon, great and thoughtful commentary. The purpose of art is to provoke such contemplation and questioning. We must be doing something right. Thanks!