Friday, April 06, 2007

The House Between Episode # 5 Preview: "Mirrored"

Only one more week until The House Between's fifth webisode, "Mirrored" bows here, on Veoh, and on the home page at

I must say -- this is a fun show; as you'll soon see. So scope out the preview below, and return here next Thursday for my director's notes on the episode. Which will be extensive, and hopefully embarrassing to the cast-members! Hah! Then, on Friday the 13th, watch the show...


  1. joey_bishop_jr.2:41 PM

    Only one question, bud...shouldn't the Evil Astrid have a beard?!?


  2. Whoa. Astrid channels Emma Peel. And once again, the music underscores the trailer perfectly. Looks like another can't-miss episode.

  3. Michael A. De Luca1:57 AM

    Fear, intimidation, Astrid making like Susan in "The Edge of Destruction". It goes without saying, that anticipation is high.

  4. astrid10:02 AM



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