Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The House Between at The Thunder Child

Hey folks!

There's a new interview about The House Between up at
The Thunder Child! Barbara Peterson conducted the interview, and we had a great back-and-forth about the creation of the series. Thanks, Barbara!

Here's a taste of the interview:

My original intention had been to create a series about science fiction fandom and an arrogant writer/guest speaker (to be played by me…) who goes to conventions and makes a fool of himself on stage and with the fans. It would be Curb Your Enthusiasm with a genre twist, and have a lot of sci-fi in-jokes. I was going to do it mockumentary-style, with talking head interviews, which would have been very easy and affordable to shoot.

Very soon, however, I realized that such a premise – while funny – would get old quickly. So I dug back into my endless writing files. Back in 1999 I had written a script leading up to Y2K about a woman who is kidnapped from her car in a parking lot, and wakes up to find herself trapped in a strange house with people from different historical eras. Outside the door is a pulsating force field. So they’re all trapped in this house with no escape. This was a feature script, one where the house was booby-trapped, had hidden passageways, etc. It was called, if I remember correctly, “Last Day.” I resurrected some ideas from this screenplay to create The House Between.

Anyway, check it out! And also take a gander at all the great material The Thunder Child: Science Fiction and Fantasy Web Magazine and Sourcebooks has to offer.


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    The House Within??? *wince*

  2. astrid5:41 PM

    Oh you gush too, too much, sir. My head won't fit through the door now - we'll have to change it so Astrid is trapped outside of the house for all of season 2, or at least until a get a nice blow to my ego. :-)


  3. There was no gushing about mydear. Everything I said about you had the good grace of being absolutely 100% true.