Friday, June 30, 2006

Production Diary # 8: The House Between: The REAL Production Diary

Okay, when I was blogging about director "lessons" yesterday, I forgot one of the most important lessons I learned while filming The House Between.

Whatever you do, leave your props under lock and key...

Because, if you don't, wackiness ensues. To wit, our second episode "Settled," involves the discovery of a diary that has emotional meaning for Bill Clark (Mercer), one of our leads. There's a scene where he finally breaks down and reads it, finding a tender message from his daughter, Samantha....whom he has been separated from.


Don't you know, every damn day, cast and crew members took it upon themselves to surreptitiously (that means sneakily...) write diary "entries" that mark the making of the production, as well as reveal generally unhinged states of mind.

So today I am presenting, in all its glory, the REAL production diary prop from The House Between. In the interest of decency, only the PG pages are included. I will keep this authentic The House Between collectible for a while (as well as the companion diary...which is burned...) and then auction them on E-Bay for lots and lots of money. No just kidding. No E-Bay! No E-Bay!

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  1. HOWL! Yeah, where's the page that mentions goats? I know the show is PG but is your blog? ;-)