Thursday, June 15, 2006

Production Diary # 3: The House Between

Episode Two ("Settled") of my upcoming, independently-shot TV series, The House Between, focuses on two characters primarily, Astrid and Bill. In particular, Astrid is confronted with (and haunted by...) an old musical composition (and tape recording...) from her traumatic past.

For this scene, we needed an original song ("The House Between") and Kim Breeding (who plays Astrid) devised a very haunting and disturbing tune. You'll know more precisely what I'm talking about when you see the episode...

Anyway, I thought that for today's production diary entry, I might transcribe the lyrics of Astrid's song. In the show, Kim (lead singer for Cured by Porno...) sings the tune too (even while her character reacts to it.) Kim also performs another tune for episode # 5, "Mirrored."

The House Between
Composed and Performed by Kim Breeding (as Astrid)...

Your good intentions paved the way/for me to learn to hate.

Your rules and restrictions and contradictions led me to my fate.

The chill between us broke me down/more than I care to say.

I'll sacrifice/if that's the price of your love then I will pay.


You left me unclean/Now I wander from room to room
in the House Between.

You may see Heaven or Hell /According to your doom
but I'll eternally dwell in the House Between

These walls will hold me away from Grace...until the End of time.
No Mercy Shown/I'm own my own, just like I was in life...