Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Production Diary # 2: The House Between -- Location/Sets

Yesterday, I wrote here about my new independent production, The House Between, a science-fiction/horror, seven installment TV show, bound direct for the Internet (and DVD sales). I'm cataloging footage, preparing a trailer, and editing the project now.

The series concerns a "house at the end of the universe," as one character terms it, a dwelling of mysteries, mind-states and inner-space. Here are a few views of the home in question. The series was shot in stark black-and-white, and hence these photos are in black and white too.

Left: The main hall. In episode #4, "Visited," this staircase turns into a battlefield between those trapped inside the house, and a force from outside that wants to get in.

Left: The upstairs hallway. This tight space is the location where Astrid first meets Bill, the house's "man of science," also trapped there.

Left: This is Astrid's room. In episode # 1, "Arrived," Astrid (Kim Breeding) awakens in this room...naked. She finds all her clothes hanging neatly in the closet....

Left: The foyer downstairs. Throughout the series, all the windows are "blacked out" because of a strange "null space" surrounding the house.

Left: Arlo's kitchen. This room proves to be the "heart" of the house, in more ways than one. It's where Arlo (Jim Blanton) lives, and it's also where many core scenes occur. Sometimes the kitchen is a court room, sometimes it's a place to bond, and - occasionally (as in episode # 6, "Trashed") - it's a place for discovery.
Left: Bill's room and sanctuary. Bill (Anthony Mercer) can be a solitary guy, especially when he becomes convinced that the entire house is a prison designed to make him spill his secrets. Bill gets an...unusual visit from Astrid here in episode # 5, "Mirrored."


  1. Astrid has so much more closet space than Bill does. I hope you arn't trying to say anthing about women and men- this was just by happenstance, right?

  2. Actually, in episode 6, we are told that Bill's room has 2 closets (which in fact, it does, though I'm not sure if they both made it on film).

    We're all gay, John's a perv.


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