Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Star Blazers to Return Too?

Is the universe suddenly smiling upon me? News of Star Trek XI (With Kirk and Spock!) last Friday (with J.J. Abrams at the helm, no less), and now this! Hopefully you've heard, but it looks like the popular 1970s animated space adventure series, Star Blazers is also being prepped for production.

Here's the story, (entitled "Film Based on Classic Japanese cartoon will blast onto theater screens"), by Colin Mahan over at

Fighting with the Gamilons, they won't stop until they've won. Or at least until they hit multiplexes. The seminal 1970s Japanese animated series Star Blazers is set to blast onto the big screen.

Benderspink, the production company behind American Pie, The Ring, and A History of Violence, among others, is readying a big-screen adaptation of the animated space opera. The company is teaming on the film with the current rights holder of Star Blazers, Josh C. Kline. So far, no writer, director, or actors have been attached to the project.

So what do you think? A good idea, or is this another example of a childhood favorite biting the dust? Personally, I'm curious how they're going to handle the whole Yamato thing. Is the spaceship still going to be retrofitted, old-fashioned battleship, or will designs change? I'll post more about it as news trickles out of Hollywood...

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