Saturday, April 22, 2006

Link of the Week:

I wanted to draw your attention this week to, especially if you're a fan of the 1970s series, Space:1999. This is a site chock full of interviews, news and images from the classic Gerry & Sylvia Anderson series. There's even an interview with me there, from 2003, regarding my original novel, The Forsaken!

I've had this site as a link on the blog for a while, but I wanted to point it out this week because there was a major announcement from the site runner, my friend Michael. To wit, the site has launched a new series of Space:1999 fan-fiction books. Here are the details:

Welcome to's non-commercial eBook publishing imprint!

Launched April 18, 2006, the imprint offers quality electronic books (eBooks) for free download!

...You may download as many eBooks titles as you like! offers free eBooks via our own imprint and imprint partnerships, such as the " & imprint," among others.

Authors may also submit their works
for consideration as future eBook releases from our imprints!

We strongly encourage all fans of Space: 1999 to support the efforts of Powys Media, the officially licensed publisher of new Space: 1999 books.

I applaud for launching this fascinating fan fiction venue, and I think it makes the perfect book-end fto Powys' literary efforts. So head on over there if you can, and read a book or two! Congratulations, Michael!

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