Thursday, October 06, 2005

Off to Bride of Monsterfest!

Well, I'm up and at 'em early Friday morning for our road trip up to Chesapeake, Virginia, where I'll be speaking about Horror Films of the 1980s at 1:00 pm on Saturday at the Chesapeake Central Library. If you live anywhere near there, stop on by! I'll also be signing and selling copies of my books, and selling horror videotapes that my wife can no longer stand to have in my house. They're going cheap, cheap, cheap (and your purchases will help finance photographs, other videos for review in upcoming books, and various and sundry other John K. Muir productions!) How's that for incentive?

I'll be returning home late Monday night, so as a result of my trip, this blog will be mighty slow going till Tuesday or so! Sorry!!! But please check out out the blog links in red on the lower right side of the page, and catch up with some items you may have missed: interviews, cult tv flashbacks, TV reviews, movie essays, even retro-toy flashbacks. And don't forget to come back soon.

I'll let you know how the convention appearance went next week. And I'll be back on the job Tuesday to write more about Thursday's second Night Stalker, Monday's Surface, and much, much more.

Till then, live long and prosper. Wow, how geeky was that? Maybe I should have just typed the numbers from Lost again...

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