Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Introducing...Enter The House Between


My friends,

I am thrilled to announce today, the launch of a brand new audio adventure/sci-fi series, Enter The House Between (2023), which I write, and direct alongside the most talented group of artists I have had the good fortune to work with during my career.

The audio-drama's first season - 8 episodes -- will commence streaming on Spotify, iTunes, etc., beginning two weeks from today, on April 12.

In the next two weeks, leading up to the premiere, I'll be unleashing character sketches, videos, and introducing you to the cast and characters of this speculative adventure series.

The first season of Enter The House Between is produced by Joseph Maddrey, and Tony Mercer, who has engineered, edited, and created from whole-cloth the environments our characters encounter in these tales. Tony's imagination, energy, and innovation has created an audio experience that I am deeply excited to share with everyone here.

I have spent so much of my career as a writer, toiling in solitude, and a great joy for me on this project has been the collaboration with cast and crew alike.  I truly believe we have created something special here.

So for today, just the announcement of the series premiere, with the tease of more to come soon.

The countdown to April 12 begins now. I humbly, and hopefully ask you to join us for a listen or two (or eight).

To whet your appetite, here is the series trailer!  Enter The House Between (at your own risk...)

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