Sunday, July 10, 2016

At Flashbak: The Alpha Probe (Fisher Price; 1980)

This week at Flashbak I remembered a great toy from 1980: The Alpha Probe, from Fisher Price.

“As you can see from the illustrations accompanying this post, the Alpha Probe is a space shuttle-like craft with opening and closing cargo bay doors, and a space tether by which to connect the action figure astronaut.  The cockpit seats slide out so that an action figure can pilot the ship.

The copy for the Alpha Probe advertisement notes that this “sleek new spaceship comes fully equipped with special things like three unique electronic buttons.”  Those buttons -- located on one wing -- make such as sounds as “roaring” take-off, “danger alert,” and space signals.

Inside the Alpha Probe cargo bay one can find a rocket recon sled, and as the ads suggested, “imagination makes” this toy “fly.”

In addition to the astronaut, Fisher Price manufactured several Adventure People action figures to have adventures alongside the astronaut.  There were, for instance, two green-skinned beings of a translucent, semi-cyborg-ish nature.

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