Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The House Between: Looking Back at Season One

Over at writer Clay Hornik's Bookworm and Beyond blog, the author has written a review of The House Between's first sortie. As you may recall, The House Between is the independently-produced super-low budget (but hopefully super inventive...) online sci-fi series I created last year with the help of producer Joseph Maddrey (A Haunting; Survive This!), and a very talented and committed cast and crew.

The series is designed to emulate the look and feel of genre TV circa 1959-1964 (the era of One Step Beyond, Twilight Zone and Outer Limits), and capture some of the same creepy vibe. The shows are low cost, but well-acted, beautifully shot and lit, and the stories - I believe - are good. We've had strong word of mouth about the episodes and cultivated a devoted cadre of fans (you know who you are! And thank you!). We are currently gearing up for the January 25th 2008 premiere of Season Two. Before then, I'll be premiering a making-of video, and special edition versions of the seven first season episodes, leading up to "Returned," our season two premiere.

Here's here's an excerpt from Hornik's article:

"In The House Between, the danger isn't from something that lurks in the rooms, it's something that lurks in the characters.

And there's a lot lurking in these people, characters like onions, peel one layer away there's another beneath.

...The only negative thing I can say about The House Between is that there won't be any new episodes until next year."

Thanks for watching, Clay, and for writing about the show. I hope you'll stick around for Season Two, which should be bigger and better in every way possible...and which nearly put two or three cast members in the hospital.


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    "...I hope you'll stick around for Season Two, which should be bigger and better in every way possible...and which nearly put two or three cast members in the hospital."

    Personally, there could be no stronger recommendation for me to watch anything!!! Sounds like Jackie Chan should be somewhere around...

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    The mere presence of Craig T. Eckrich and "Lukewarm" Lee Hansen are the strongest reasons for watching! If only the show was 100% about them!


  3. Johnson,

    I passed your above comment through, because viewers are free to like or not like The House Between for whatever reasons they want - that's how this works. You can't put something before the public and not expect reaction; positive AND negative.

    However, since this is a public forum and will be read by others, I think honesty also requires acknowledgment that you have very personal reasons for disliking the show that have absolutely 100% nothing to do with the show itself, its writing, its story lines or its relative quality.

    If you are going to post comments like "if only the show was 100% about them!," then you should acknowledge in the same comment that you haven't watched the episodes, so you don't really know what percentage is about them or not. (If you had seen the last episode, you might know, for instance, just how important Travis really is).

    So,I will gladly pass through your THB comments - even if they are hurtful and negative about the show - but be fair and intellectually honest. A lot of people worked hard on the program, and your comments belittle that work...especially since you never bothered to watch the episodes.


  4. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Ouch! My comment was only meant to be pro Craig and Lee, not anti THB. To the readers, yes, John is right. There are characters in this show I do not like for personal reasons. But, there also characters I like for personal reasons too. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was harshing on the show again. I promised not to do that anymore and really wasn't trying to this time.


  5. apology accepted. Let's move on.


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