Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tribute 2017

The year 2017 was a dreadful one for fans of science fiction, horror, and film and television. An inordinate number of icons passed away.

This was the year we lost the leading actor of four classic science fiction TV series: Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979), Martin Landau of Space:1999 (1975-1977), Jared Martin of The Fantastic Journey (1977), and Heather Menzies of Logan's Run (1977).

2017 was the year we lost two of the greatest horror film directors the world has ever seen: George A. Romero, and Tobe Hooper.

This was also the year we lost two of my greatest childhood heroes, Adam West, who played Batman, and Roger Moore, who played James Bond, 007, longer than any other actor in movie history.

This was the year we lost teen heart-throb David Cassidy, and the xenomorph's first cinematic victim, John Hurt, as well as his cast-mate, Harry Dean Stanton.

Below is a gallery of those who passed away in the last twelve months. 

As always, if I have forgotten anyone, it was an oversight, and not intentional. Please feel free to post your memories of those featured in the gallery, in the comments section.

Richard Anderson

Mike Connors

David Cassidy

Jonathan Demme

Roy Dotrice

Miguel Ferrer

Dominic Frontiere

Robert Guillaume

Richard Hatch

Tobe Hooper

John Hurt

Barbara Hale

John Heard

Glenn Headley

Martin Landau

Jerry Lewis

Jared Martin
Heather Menzies

Mary Tyler Moore

Roger Moore

Dina Merrill
Jim Nabors

Bill Paxton

George A. Romero

Don Rickles

Della Reese

Harry Dean Stanton

Sam Shepard

Jay Thomas

Adam West


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