Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Theme Song of the Week: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    I am sure you know this (might even bet you have previously posted about this) but when the Buck Rogers pilot was first shown in theatres (I think before it launched on tv) in countries outside the U.S. the theme, though basically the same tune, was more of a pop song complete with lyrics (like "far beyond the world I've known, far beyond my time ..."). Plus the longer opening narration was by William Conrad.

    Anyway, just curious about a couple of things; were versions of the pilots of Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica run in U.S. theatres before they hit the small screen as they were in other countries? Also, was the theatrical opening used when NBC ran the pilot, or was it the standard opening? Thanks.

    1. The Buck Rogers pilot was released theatrically in the summer of 1979, a few months before it aired on NBC. Battlestar Galactica premiered on ABC before it was released theatrically. When NBC ran the Buck pilot, they replaced the theatrical opening with the TV version.