Thursday, December 04, 2014

Terminator Genisys Trailer Lands


  1. Initial writers/studio execs powwow: "Okay, after surveying the previous four installments, what do we do next?"

    Conclusion: "Let's just do everything!"

    Hence the movie in question, or at least that which is being presented in the trailer. Some are saying it's a complete blunder of the established story via Cameron. And, it is. Well beyond the retconning from the Star Trek reboots, those involved here are playing Dr. Frankenstein with the franchise (or, perhaps more accurately, Seth Brundle) by using its storied time travel premise to quite literally splice together elements of the previous entries -- even down to recompositing actual footage -- into some abhorrent mutation of a Terminator movie.

    Desperate? Probably, yeah. Still, I can't help but find such reckless abandon weirdly appealing; this kind of all out burying-the-needle mentality. I mean, at this point, why not? Whatever chance there was to produce a classier Terminator sequel ...that ship sailed long ago. If there's one thing debasement offers, it's liberation.

    At least the purple blasting pulse-rifles are back, right?

  2. So they take the favorite scenes from the first 3, string them together, and remake them?