Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Movie Trailer: Outland (1981)

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  1. Thanks for this review John. As you know I think this is the most under-appreciated science fiction movie of the 80s (if not all time frankly). The sets are just as good as the sets in Alien and the level of detail in this movie is stunning. Every single thing in this movie looks real and like it has a purpose (instead of just looking "cool"). The directing and pacing is great and the acting, especially from Connery and Sternhagen, is excellent. (In fact, I always thought Sternhagen should have won an Oscar instead of just a Saturn Award for her portrayal of Dr. Lazarus). This is a must watch movie for anyone who is a science fiction fan, especially if you like the more gritty sci-fi like Alien.

    And as you pointed out the foot chase in this movie is very well done. The way it moves through most of the sets of the movie, tying them all together via this chase scene, lends a tremendous amount of credibility and realism to the movie while also laying out the geography station for the film's cat and mouse game in the third act.

    I also like the composition, editing and pacing of the scene where Connery has to breach the brothel.