Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mad Max Fury Road (2015) Official Trailer


  1. Pretty freaking awesome.

    1. Hi Le0pard13,

      I agree completely. This looks off-the-charts nuts, not to mention brilliant. Can't wait for it...

  2. This is for me THE action blockbuster event of 2015. Everything else just looks like typical studio product (re)packaging (Age of Ultron, Terminator: Genisys, Jurassic World) or 200 million budgeted fan made fare (ahem, The Force Awakens).

    Sure, Fury Road is a reboot as well. George Miller, however, is not. Any big movie these days can have big studio production value behind it, but it's directorial vision that separates the men from the boys, and Miller is a true cinematic far-seer. This is his world, not Warner Bros. or anyone else's. But it's also his world that promises to return with a vengeance, bigger and wilder, more operatic and vibrantly colored than ever before.

    Sure, there's some CGI on display -- a great and essential tool -- but clearly even more on the level of vast locations, live-action stunts, crashes, pyrotechnics etc. My only caveat is the absence of Mel. I know he's none too popular these days, but his screen presence is undeniable and even his tarnished star image in particular would have been perfect for an older, world-weary Rockatansky. Still, having recently seen Locke, Tom Hardy has the right kind of slow-burn intensity for the role.

    I'm there. Take my money.

    1. Cannon,

      I agree with you: This is the movie to beat next summer, in terms of my own excitement. The footage here is amazing, and having Miller back in his universe will no doubt make all the difference. The trailer is packed with unforgettable imagery, color and movement, and so I'm counting down the days till theatrical release! Unlike the other film trailers you mentioned, this one looks off-the-rails, like a movie vision that isn't going to play it safe, or ride on waves of comforting nostalgia.

      Mel is getting a bit long in the tooth to play Max. I love his past performances in the role, but also realize that his time has probably come and gone, and that the character of Mad Max must, in the long run, be bigger than any single individual if the myth is to translate from one generation to the next.


  3. Gosh, I am equally excited about this film. And I'm thrilled it is in George Miller's capable, visionary hands.

    I can't imagine someone else bringing it to life.

    It also looks like a film that takes the best of the previous trilogy and brings some new, contemporary touches, but the camera work and movement combined with colors simply looks astounding.

    I love when Charlize Theron asks his name, but the trailer cuts away so we can hear Hardy speak those words "Max" in the cinema. Can't wait.