Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Model Kits of the Week: Space:1999 Edition


  1. As boys in '75 and '76, my friends and I purchased these model kits. We had many hours of fun playing with the Eagles, Hawks and Alpha.
    My disappointment with the Alpha kit was that it only came with three of the five launch pads. Actually there were tens launch pads to be accurate: seven circle elevator-to-hangar launch pads, two cross launch pad platforms without elevator and one T-shaped launch pad platform without elevator seen in "The Exiles" as launch pad#6.


  2. I had all these model kits as a pre-teen. I remember the Moonbase Alpha kit came out in the fall of '76, shortly after the second season had begun. As I was building the scale model of Main Mission, I started to yearn for the first season again. By that time, episodes like "All That Glisters" had aired and I knew the second season was in serious trouble. Since "The Alien" vehicle was not part of the series, I ended up kit-bashing it into what I imagined to be a communications outpost on Mars.