Monday, April 01, 2013

Ask JKM a Question: Leonard Part 6 (1987) ?

A reader named Eric writes: “Have you ever watched the sci-fi movie Leonard Part 6 (1987) starring Bill Cosby, and if so, what did you think of it? 

This movie receives no love or no attention from anyone, but is actually hysterically funny. I would love to read your thoughts regarding it.”

Wow Eric, I have not thought about Leonard Part 6 in probably two decades (thus proving your point that it gets little attention, I suppose).

I will admit, I actually saw it in the theater on release. In fact, I went to the Royal Theater in Bloomfield, New Jersey with my best friend in high-school, Bob, to see it.  I don’t know why we picked it.  But we also saw Godzilla 1985, Ghoulies (1985), and Nightflyers (1987) there.  The Royal was the place for crappy movies in the late 1980s. (Although the place for really crappy movies in my neighborhood was the Wellmont; the theater that showed Zombie Island Massacre [1984]).

As I recall, Leonard Part 6 received horrible reviews, and even Bill Cosby disowned it, warning audiences not to go see it.  The film currently resides in the bottom 100 at IMDB, but frankly, that doesn’t mean anything significant.  Half the films on that list are there because they played on Mystery Science Theater 3000, and that’s all.  That said, Die Hard Dracula (1998) is number two on the bottom list and it really is one of the worst films I ever saw.

My own recollection is that Bob and I laughed a lot in Leonard Part 6, however.  Whether we laughed at the film because it was funny or bad, I’m not really certain at this juncture.  I was seventeen, I guess, when I saw the film, and so I probably dug the sophomoric humor.  I don’t know.

If you’re asking for a review…er, well, the movie is available on Amazon Instant Video so it is easy enough to see.   I’ll make a deal with you: If ten other readers write in the comments section below this post and support your desire for a Leonard Part 6 review, I’ll watch the movie and write the review in the next few weeks.  But nobody better ask me to review Die Hard Dracula. I already penned one for Horror Films of the 1990s, if anyone is interested...

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  1. I can't slam Leonard much, because I thought was a silly, funny movie when I watched it on Betamax with the parents. Way back in the dark ages.

    Now? If you'll review it, I'll try to make the kids watch it with me on a stupid movie night.

    1. Hi Kentucky Packrat,

      I'm reviewing it! I've decided to go ahead, even without the ten reviews. So queue up that stupid movie night.

      And I am like you, I can't really slam Leonard Part 6 too hard because of the memories I have of seeing it with my best bud, Bob.

  2. I happened to have watched this for the first time a week or two ago. It is a thoroughly bizarre film, inexplicable in its wrong-headed absurdity, and for those reasons alone add my vote to the request for your review.

    1. Jeffrey,

      I love your description of it as a "thoroughly bizarre film" and inexplicable in its "wrong-headed absurdity." How can I resist that?

      I'm in!

  3. My other half just saw Bill Cosby live recently. They thought he was brilliant. I still think the guy is a genius at comedy and timing even if Leonard 6 didn't do it.

    So, the fact that I love Bill Cosby and the fact I love Eric's passion for one of those films that was universally destroyed I throw my support his way. I haven't seen the film so I don't know what kind of horrors I am voting John's way.

    Granted, ten votes seems like a stretch. This one may reside in the dustbin of sci-fi history. : ) Good luck Eric.

    1. Hi SFF:

      Eric is in luck, because I'm going to review it! As for the rest of you... ? :)

  4. Mystery Science Theater. That show needs to have a Sheiky baby done on it.

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    John, this is Bob (I'll confirm later tonight on Facebook). Count me as one of the ten. For what it's worth, I have the same recollection - laughed a lot, yes, but good laugh? Bad laugh? No idea!

    1. Hi Bob,

      It is so great to read your comment.

      I remember we had a great time watching the film together, but I can't remember if there was any quality to the film other than our fellowship/enjoyment of the experience. But we did laugh a lot!

      I'm going to review the film, for old time's sake. I'll try to watch it in the next two weeks or so, and get a review posted here.


  6. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Wow, I haven't heard anybody mention this film in ages. I only saw it once, long ago on a tv broadcast. I remember only paying partly attention to it, but I do remember laughing, and to this day I still remember one of the jokes that got a laugh out of me. I've always been curious if it's worth seeing again, just to see why it's seemingly so universally disliked. I certainly would be curious to hear your thoughts on this one, if you do decide to check it out.


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