Monday, July 30, 2012

Television and Cinema Verities #30

"I realized that because the special effects were so good I was able to underplay the character. In the past they never had such convincing special effects, so a lot of Superman's mystique was created by poses. In contrast, I was able to be casual, and a good example of that is the balcony scene with Lois, where I talk about my background and I offer to take her flying. It's all done with the mood of two people getting to know each other on a first date. I was really glad that I could play the part in a naturalistic way, and that was only possible because the special effects were state of the art for their time."

- The late and great Christopher Reeve details his approach to playing the Man of Steel in Superman: The Movie. From a BBC interview with Almar Haflidasan at BBC Films in 2001.

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