Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Game Board of the Week: Raiders of the Lost Ark (Parker Brothers; 1981)


  1. George11:14 AM

    Ha! I had this game. I remember how HUGE Raiders was at the time and how little tie-in merchandise was available. There was the board game, the Topps cards, a sleeping bag and the soundtrack. There was also the 12 inch doll but I can't remember if I got that on Christmas of 81 or 82. Do you remember what year the doll came out John? Also, please post a pic of the TSR Escape from New York board game. Good times.

    1. Hi George,

      I believe the toy Indy figure came out for Christmas of 1981, if I'm not mistaken. There were smaller action figures available, but I never got to buy them. Boy, would I love to get my hands on those today.

      Oh my gosh, I loved the Escape from New York Board Game, but it's one I don't own. I may have to rectify that as well...!

      Great memories!



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