Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cult-TV Faces of: A Little Song and Dance

Identified by Doug La Lone: Bonnie Beecher and Gary Crosby in The Twilight Zone: "Come Wander with Me."

Identified by Dave: Will Robinson (Bill Mumy) in Lost in Space: "There were Giants in the Earth."

Identified by Claudiu: Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) in Star Trek: "Charlie X."

Identified by Dave: Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain) in Mission:Impossible.

Identified by Claudiu: Space:1999 "The Troubled Spirit."

Identified by Claudiu: Lindsay Wagner in The Bionic Woman: "The Road to Nashville."

Identified by Dave: Shaun Cassidy in The Hardy Boys: "The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula."

Identified by Doug LaLone: Will Marshall (Wesley Eure) in Land of the Lost: "Ancient Guardian."

Identified by Claudiu: Diana Prince (Lynda Carter) in Wonder Woman: "Amazon Hot Wax."

Identified by Dave: Princess Ardala (Pamela Hensley) in Buck Rogers: "Awakening."

Identified by Claudiu Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) in Moonlighting: "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice."

Identified by Claudiu: Wanda Detroit (Terri Hatcher) in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Identified by SGB: Cher (body double) in The X-Files: "The Post-Modern Prometheus."

Identified by Sci-Fi Fanatic: KISS in Millennium: "Thirteen Years Later."

Identified by SGB: Angel (David Boreanaz) in Angel: "Judgement."

Identified by Claudiu: Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) in Buffy: "Restless."

Identified by Claudiu: Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) in Lost: "Live Together, Die Alone."

Identified by Will: Lois Lane (Eric Durance) in Smallville: "Exposed."

Identified by Will: Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) in Veronica Mars: "Clash of the Tritons."


  1. 3. That's TOS, evidently, but I can't place the scene.
    5. 1999. Episode unknown.
    6. Bionic Woman. Episode unknown.
    9. Wonder Woman?
    10. Wait, don't tell me, I know her... eah, I gives up :)
    11. Cybill Shepard, Moonlighting.
    12. Lois Lane in a crazy hairdue
    14. Could it be... Quantum Leap? Don't know the episode.
    16. Looks like the guy from Buffy?
    17. Lost, definitely. But what episode... I couldn't tell.
    18. I wish I knew who she was! He, he.

  2. teddy crescendo11:12 AM

    Lindsay Wagner was such a hot chick back in the 70`s, that bird used to drive me wild.

  3. DougLaLone1:00 PM

    Hi JKM,

    Long time no comment. Again I would like to thank you for the awesome analysis and entertainment you provide here.

    #1 Gary Crosby as Floyd Burney in the Twilight Zone episode "Come Wander with Me"

    #8 Wesley Eure as Will Marshall from "Land of the Lost". Don't know episode but it looks like season three with Uncle Jacks head popping up.

    #14 Total Guess but when I saw it I thought of KISS from the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.


  4. Hello,
    A few guesses...

    2. Lost In Space - The Hungry Sea
    4. Mission Impossible? Barbara Bain?
    6. Bionic Woman - Road To Nashville
    7. The Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Meet Dracula
    18. Heroes? Ali Larter?


  5. Great identifications, my friends!

    Keep 'em comin!


  6. Oh, saw another!

    10. Buck Rogers In The 25th Century - Princess Ardala possibly dancing in that disco episode?

  7. Anonymous2:03 PM

    13. X-Files
    15. Angel


  8. Hey John

    I thought for sure we might see Pretis Hancock on guitar in Black Sun from Space:1999. Oh well, you grabbed a good one.

    Okay, I think I have one thanks to my immersion of late.

    #14 Millennium "... Thirteen Years Later" Season Three, Ep 5.

  9. More great gallery "gets" here.

    I'll post the answers immediately!


  10. 18. is Erica Durance (Lois Lane) from Smallville

    19. Kristen Bell could be heroes or Veronica Mars

  11. Will,

    Bingo! You just identified the last two gallery images. Wonderful job, sir!



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