Monday, August 08, 2011

The Cult-TV Faces of: the Time Traveler

Identified by Hugh: Russell Johnson in The Twilight Zone: "Back There."

Identified by Hugh: William Hartnell is The Doctor in Doctor Who: "An Unearthly Child."

Identified by Will: Michael Ansara as Quarlo in The Outer Limits: "Soldier"

Identified by Hugh: Tony (James Darren) and Doug (Robert Colbert) in The Time Tunnel (1966).

Identified by woodchuckgod: Dr.  McCoy (De Forest Kelley) in Star Trek: "City on the Edge of Forever."

Identified by Hugh: Enik (Walker Edmiston) in Land of the Lost: "The Stranger."

Identified by Hugh: Commander Koenig (Martin Landau) in Space:1999 "Journey to Where."

Identified by Will: David Eakins (Paul Shenar) in Logan's Run: "Man out of Time."

Identified by Hugh: Phineas Bogg (John-Erik Hexum) and Jeffre (Meeno Peluce) in Voyagers!

Identified by Hugh: Patrick Stewart and Patrick Stewart in ST: TNG: "Time Squared."

Identified by Hugh: Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) in Quantum Leap.

Identified by Hugh: Bill Preston Esq. (Evan Richards) and Theodore Logan (Christopher Kennedy) in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1992).

Identified by Hugh: Darien Lambert (Dale Midkiff) in Time Trax.

Identified by Will: Officer Jack Logan (Ted King) in Time Cop (1997).

Identified by Claudiu: Lt. Frank Parker (Jonathan La Paglia) in Seven Days.

Identified by woodchuckgod: Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) in ST: Voyager: "Endgame."

Identified by Hugh: Eliza Dushku as Tru in Tru Calling.

Identified by Claudiu: Temporal Agent Daniels (Matt Winston): ST: Enterprise: "Storm Front." 

Identified by Claudiu: Chuck Taggart (Peter Weller) in Odyssey 5 (2002).

Identified by Will: Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd) in Journeyman (2007)

Identified by Hugh: Sam Tyler (John Simm) in Life on Mars.


  1. What a wonderful theme to start a week.

    1. Russell Johnson from Twilight Zone
    2. William Hartnell as the first Doctor on Doctor Who
    4. The leads of Time Tunnel
    6. The Sleestak descendant from Land of the Lost
    7. Martin Landau from Space: 1999?
    9. Jon Erik Hexum & Meeno Peluce from Voyagers!
    10. Patrick Stewart & Patrick Stewart as a pair of time paradox Picards from ST:TNG
    11. Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap
    12. Bill & Ted from the short-lived Fox sitcom version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
    13. Dale Midkiff from Time Trax
    17. Eliza Dusku
    21. Life on Mars

  2. 2.) The first Doctor of Dr.Who, played by one Mr. William Hartnell

    5.) That's original series Trek, 'City on the Edge of Forever'. Might that be McCoy leaping through the portal?

    6.) Land of the Lost... I'm foggy on this one. Enik mayhap?

    10.) ST:TNG - Capt.Picard

    11.) Sam Beckett - Quantum Leap

    12.) ... TV right? But that has to be Bill and Ted. There was a series? o.O

    16.) ST: Voyager - Janeway

    13.) Stab in the dark here... Time Trax? Darien Lambert?

  3. He, he. For once, I know some of these guys :D

    5. That looks like ST:TOS.
    10. Cpt. Picard. If you travel far enough, you will meet yourself, eventually.
    11. Scott Bakula, Quantum leap.
    13. That guys that talks to himself a lot. What's the name of his computer/hologram? Selma, yes :)
    15. Seven Days. The younger LaPaglia brother.
    16. Admiral Janeway, ST: Voyager. Endgame.
    18. Crewman Daniels, ST: Enterprise.
    19. Robocop. Err... Peter Weller in Odyssey 5, I guess.

  4. 3. Michael Ansara Outer Limits story by Harlan Ellison

    14. Time Cop

    15. Seven Days

    18. The future guy from ST: Enterprise

    19. Peter Weller Odyssey 5

    20. Journeyman

    8. From the gun in the person's waistband I'm gonna say Logan's Run ?

  5. Wow, you guys are amazing.

    In four comments, you all completely finished today's puzzle. Well darnit, I gotta make them harder, I see! :)

    All my best to you all. Thanks for playing, and for doing such an extraordinary job with these identifications.


  6. These were some great choices! Time travel is a fascinating concept. Especially if you mix in astronauts, but that's something else.

    The Trek connection is fascinating. On the one hand, you have various Trek characters who have traveled through time in all the different series. On the other hand, you have two people who had been in time travel tv series that became regulars/semiregulars on Trek: James Darren (Time Tunnel) as Vic Fontaine on Deep Space Nine, and Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap) on Trek: Enterprise. The other connections: Enik from Land of the Lost was created by Walter Koenig of Trek, Russell Johnson liked the original series and was called in to read for some parts but sadly was never cast, and Martin Landau was close to being cast as Spock.

    Thanks for the cool quiz!

    Gordon Long

  7. Hi Gordon,

    I'm fascinated with time travel TV, and enjoyed assembling this quiz, though I'm certain some were left out too. I like your connection to all the various Star Trek incarnations. Time travel was certainly a recurring concept in that franchise, and always handled in interesting fashion.