Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Mirror

Identified by Brian: The Twilight Zone: "The Mirror."

Left unidentified: Thriller: "The Hungry Glass"

Identified by Brian: Lost in Space: "The Magic Mirror."

Identified by Brian: Star Trek: "The Squire of Gothos."

Identified by Brian: Star Trek: "The Tholian Web."

Left unidentified: Survivors: "The Fourth Horseman"

Identified by Brian: Space:1999: "Seed of Destruction"

Identified by Brian: The Fantastic Journey: "Funhouse"

Identified by Brian: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: "Ardala's Return"

Identified by Brian: Dr. Who "Snakedance"

Identified by Nicholas Galvante: Friday the 13th: The Series: "Doorway to Hell."

Identified by Brian: Twin Peaks (Episode 29).

Identified by Brian: The X-Files: "Dreamland"

Identified by Meredith: Dr. Who: "The Girl in the Fireplace"

Identified by Dr. Howad Margolin: Smallville: "Transference."


  1. Me again, taking the low-hanging fruit...

    1. Twilight Zone
    3. I think Lost in Space?
    4. Star Trek "The Squire of Gothos"
    5. Star Trek "The Tholian Web"
    7. Space:1999 "Seed of Destruction"
    8. Fantastic Journey
    9. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    10. Doctor Who ("Snakedance" I believe.)
    12. Twin Peaks (poor Dale!)
    13. The X-Files ("Dreamland"?)

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    14) Doctor Who, "The Girl in the Fireplace"


    (Apologies, somehow screwed up the number)

  3. Hello my friends,

    Brian, that's a clean sweep. All your answers were absolutely correct.

    And Meredith, nice catch for #14: from Dr. Who "The Girl in the Fireplace."

    Excellent job to you both!


  4. #6 is Kolchak the Night Stalker, I think. Demon in Lace or The Youth Killer. I'd have to pull out my box set to be sure.

  5. Nate:

    Great guess, man. Unfortunately, that image is not from Kolchak: The Night Stalker. I was certain there was a good mirror clip from a Kolchak show, but was unable to find one while putting this together.

    #6 is actually from a different show. A British show, as a clue...


  6. nicholas galvante12:19 PM

    11 is from one of my all time favorite shows growing up... that's uncle lewis played by the great genre actor R.G. ARMSTRONG on FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES.

    speaking of.. when will you do a piece on that show.

    actually, i wrote one long ago for my school paper if you'd like to read, my website is almost up.


    nick galvante

  7. 15. Smallville: "Transference"

  8. Brian3:36 PM

    Ack! I should have gotten #14! (*hangs head in shame*)

  9. Hi everyone,

    Nicholas: You are correct, sir! #11 is from Friday the 13th: The Series, the second season premiere "Doorway to Hell." Great job. I wrote an extensive review of F13: The Series in my year 2000 book Terror Television, but that was a decade ago, so yeah, it's probably time for me to pick up a DVD set and re-visit the program. Great suggestion!

    Howard: You accurately identified image # 15, as being from the terrific Smallville fourth season episode "Transference," in which Clark and Lionel Luthor switch bodies. That episode is a lot of fun....

    And Brian: No ack necessary. Don't hang your head in shame at all. You always do an excellent job with these ids! :)

    best to all,