Monday, March 21, 2011

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Native American


  1. #1) It's been a while, but that would appear to be one 'Tonto' from The Lone Ranger.

    #10) That's Raoul ... pardon me... That's Chakotay, from Voyager.

    #13) Kyla, from Smallville

  2. My guesses:
    • #2 - Sabrina Scharf and Rudy Solari from THE PARADISE SYNDROME, Season 3 episode 3 from STAR TREK:TOS
    • #4 - Ned Romero, I'm hoping it's from the great 1975 TV movie, I WILL FIGHT NO MORE FOREVER
    • #7 - Darren E. Burrows as Ed Chigliak from the TV series NORTHERN EXPOSURE
    • #8 - Floyd Red Crow Westerman as Albert Hosteen on THE X-FILES
    • #9 - Ned Romero again, I'm thinking from a ST:VOYAGER episode?

  3. What? No Michael Ansara? Sigh...

  4. 1. Definitely Tonto.

    2. Is this the lady Kirk falls in love with on the planet for the Protectors?

    6: Apache Chief from Superfriends.

    9: The leader of the native group on the planet that would be in Cardassian space on ST:TNG.

    Not doing well for being a Star Trek geek.

  5. #7) Ed Chigliak, from Northern Exposure

  6. Hi everyone, sorry to be dilatory about responding to your identifications here, I just got back from my weekend road trip.

    Woodchuckgod: You accurately id'd Tonto, Chakotay and a real tough one, Kyla from Smallville! Damn fine job, my friend.

    Le0pard13: You took some more identifications right off the table. You accurately recognized the "outer space" Native Americans of the Star Trek third season episode "The Paradise Syndrome" (frame 2). You also recognized Ed from Northern Exposure in frame 7. You accurately identified Ned Romero, but from the wrong production. You also accurately tagged Romero a second time; but again got the incorrect (Star Trek) production! Still pretty darn impressive, if you ask me. You were completely accurate about your guess of Floyd Crow Westerman as Albert Holsteen on The X-Files (episodes "Anasazi" and "Paper Clip"). Very well done, my friend.

    Ivan -- Wow! I should have included Michael Ansara. Thanks for refreshing my memory!

    Kentucky Packrat: Nice job, buddy. You took #6 Apache Chief right off the table, and accurately guessed that Ned Romero was in a TNG episode "Journey's End"). Fantastic!

    Great job everyone!

    The frames left are:
    #4 Ned Romero in...

    Good luck!

    best to all,

  7. 5. Jared Martin, from War of the Worlds 1988. Don't know in what series he's here.