Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Dogged Pursuer


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM


    12.) one Bialar Crais from Farscape. Unless I'm much mistaken, in the first season episode "That Old Black Magic"

    11.) Pearl - MST3K

  2. "The dogged persuer" ha! I love that. Hysterical.

    Okay, my contributions:

    Frame 5: Francis from Logan's Run TV series.

    Frame 6: Jack Colvin from The Incredible Hulk TV series

    Frame 7: Baltar from battlestar Galactica TV series

    Frame 13: The Blue-hand dudes or Hands Of Blue [not to be confused with the Blue Man Group] from Firefly.

    and as Woodchuckgod mentioned- the excellent Bialar Crais from Farscape for Frame 12 and I think he got the episode right too!

    Great one JKM! How about The Desperate Pursuee? : )

  3. Hi Woodchuckgod and SFF, thank you both for commenting. And you both nailed several of the frames.

    Yep, Woodchuck, you identified correctly both Crais (Lani Tupu) in Frame 12, and Pearl Forrestor (Mary Jo Pehl). Nicely done.

    And SFF, you took a number of these right off the table! All four you named correctly (from Logan's Run, The Incredible Hulk, BSG, and Firefly, respectively).

    And you know, I should do "The Desperate Pursuee" as a book-end to this...great idea!

    In terms of what's left on the board, these great ids leave frames 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10.

    Any takers?

    Best to you both, and thanks for playing this week's "cult tv faces..."


  4. 1. Barry Morse as Lt. Gerard in The Fugitive
    4. Judy Geeson as Fulvia, in Star Maidens

  5. Wow, Meredith, you nailed both identifications there. I'm especially impressed that you pickd up the name from the obscure Star Maidens! Holy cow! Nice.


  6. I'm game. Here's one...

    3. Mark Lenard as General Urko in Planet of the Apes (1974), the television series.

  7. 3. Mark Lenard as Urko in "Planet of the Apes.

    8. Richard Lynch as Preminger in "The Phoenix."

  8. doughboy81012:38 PM

    Hi John,

    Don't know how you keep coming up with these cool themes, but I sure look forward to them. I am going to take a couple of shots here:

    frame 8: Michael Cavanaugh from Night Hunter? Funny, recently I was watching "Anywhich way you can" with him in it and during a commercial break spotted him in one of those annoying "progressive insurance" commercials.

    Frame 9: Lance Legault from the A-team.

    Frame 10: Lance Legault from Werewolf? He definitely has a memorable voice.

    Thanks John!

  9. Wow, everyone is doing great here!

    Brian and Howard -- nice job correctly remembering Urko (not Ursus)/Mark Lenard from Planet of the Apes.

    Howard, 8 is not Richard Lynch as Preminger from the Phoenix. Alas. But gee whiz, fantastic guess!

    That's actually Michael Cavanaugh from Starman. I could not find a screen grab of Lynch from the Phoenix, and I desperately wanted to include him in this tally of "pursuers" because I've never forgotten him, just like you haven't! So great job remembering another pursuer, who I wish I could have included today!!!

    Hi there Doughboy810: Thank you for your kind words. I don't know why (maybe I'm obsessive?) but I love organizing characters/ideas like these into photo collections. It's too much fun, seriously...and I'm glad you enjoy them too.

    You correctly identified Michael Cavanaugh, but got a different series (instead of Starman). Still, very nice there!

    And you nailed the next two selections, Lance LeGault -- an actor of distinctive voice and presence indeed -- for his roles (respectively) on A-Team and Werewolf.

    Terrific job everyone!

    I think we still have number 2 outstanding, though it is a rotten picture (all I could find!)


  10. Wow, I'm humbled by Meredith with her calls on Morse and Gleeson who both shared time on Space:1999. Nice. I totally missed those.

    I just ordered that Planet of The Apes TV series. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

  11. Hi Sci-Fi Fanatic

    I know, Meredith is awesome, right? That call on Star Maidens was a toughie, and she nailed it!

    And I think, SFF, you will love the Planet of the Apes series all over again. No larger story arc and "serialized" narrative, but some great standalone, individual adventures in there!

    Thanks for the comment, my friend.


  12. Thanks for the kind works. Just call me a die-hard Space:1999 fan. :)

  13. Meredith:

    We share a love of Space:1999!

    And I always love when you come to comment. You're absolutely great at identifying these cult tv faces...and sometimes I try to make 'em really, really hard...so when you (or anyone) gets those right, it's pretty amazing

    Speaking of which...number 2? Anyone? :)


  14. It is deeply encouraging to know that I'm not the only hard core geek in the world.


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