Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vote Now in the 2009 Portal Awards!

Make your voice heard today: The 2009 Portal Award voting is now open.

Click here
to cast your ballot for your favorite movies, actors, TV series, web sites and web series. You may vote once a day, every day, between today and August 25th, using a valid e-mail account. And be sure to check your e-mail after you vote for a "confirmation" message. So favorite that link and get crackin'!

And finally, if you enjoyed watching my web series, The House Between, I humbly ask for your votes (and your votes and your votes and your votes...).


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I was so excited when my favorite web series made it to the final list of nominees for a Portal Award again this year!

    Congratulations to you, John, and to everyone who made The House Between a reality.

    You have my votes. I hope everyone who appreciates your books and your blog will contribute their time and effort to help your web production come out on top this year (right where it belongs)!


  2. Faninawe:

    Thank you for your kind and heartfelt words of support. I appreciate them very much.

    All my best,


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