Friday, April 17, 2009

Millennium and Muir at the Grassy Knoll

The first part of an extensive three-part audio interview on the subject of Chris Carter's brilliant series, Millennium (1996-1999), has now been posted by radio host Vyzogoth over at "The Grassy Knoll."

In this initial interview, I discuss with Vyzogoth some of the symbols, themes and specific contexts underlining Millennium's stellar first season. In Part 2 (available on April 27), we go on to discuss the specifics of Season Two.

Here's the
link to the site. Check it out!


  1. Can the Mellennium series be viewed online anywhere?

  2. Hey Steve:

    I watched the episodes on DVD, but I think you can buy individual shows here (or at Amazon?)

  3. John, the team at BTFB want to extend their thanks to you, again, for keeping Millennium so very current and vibrant in the process. Millennium's fan community has had its dark days, the cancellation, the years in the abyss and playing second fiddle to our sister franchise, The X-Files but thanks to you, and many other, this franchise is enjoying a renaissance so long overdue. Our followers may not head over here in droves but rest assured, within the community your Millennium entries are discussed, praised and very warmly received! I cannot wait for more.

  4. Thank you for that message, Mark, it means a lot to me.

    I must admit, I am totally taken with Millennium all over again, upon my recent (and on-going re-watch). Every time I view episodes, there's something new to see. Without gettig pretentious about it (and I was mentioning this to Joe Maddrey the other day...) I think it was one of the very few series of recent vintage that is truly an artistic masterpiece.

    I totally support your campaign (and check your site often) and hope to do my part to bring a new chapter of Millennium to viewers. If we all do a little, we're that much closer to having something "big" happen.

    And we need Frank Black more than ever.


  5. Once again, thank you for your constant support of Frank Black and Millennium, Mr. Muir!

  6. Found the DVDs at my library!