Friday, January 02, 2009

What I'm Reading: The Interrupted Journey (1967)

"Barney got out, the motor still running, and leaned his arm on the door of the car. By now the object had swung toward them and hovered silently in the air not more than a short city block away, not more than two treetops high. It was raked on an angle, and its full shape was apparent for the first time: that of a large glowing pancake..."

-From The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller (Dell; 1967), page 30.


  1. This sounds interesting, John. Let us know how it goes.

    Was there some speculation that their story was false or am I making things up as I go along again? :)

  2. Hey Tony,

    You're right. People have wondered for nearly fifty years now about the veracity of Barney and Betty Hill's story of that night, and their abduction by aliens.

    I finished reading the book over the New Years holiday, and it's a great book. You really get sucked in (even if certain questions nag at you...).

  3. road waffle6:40 AM

    If you're interested in the Hill story, then this book also comes highly recommended: