Friday, January 23, 2009

QI Interviews Astrid!

Kim Breeding, who plays Astrid on The House Between, has just been interviewed about the series and the upcoming third season for the fan page, Quantum Imprimaturs.

Here's a snippet:

I have read about how JKM forces so much secrecy about the storyline and will even resort to tricking the actors on the show to do certain things. How do you feel working in such an environment?

It can be frustrating, at times, but ultimately it fostered an environment of trust between us because as he would slowly reveal things to me, in their time, I understood his reasons for keeping them hidden. There's a scene where he slaps me in the face that was never rehearsed. He trusted me to keep going and not ruin the take, and I trusted him enough to not slap him right back, and instead keep going and not ruin the take.


  1. He asked a lot of great questions, I had fun with this! And he never once asked about me being naked *cough*Howard*cough*... ;-)

  2. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Where was Rob? He should have been consulted so he could teach John how to slap without actually making contact:-)

    I am not allowed to make any more comments about Howard:-)

    I enjoyed Kim's interview as well as Arlo's. I have yet to get my fill of The House Between. I thoroughly enjoy everything about it and I just can't get enough information.

    Lar, you are doing an awesome job, thank you and keep it coming!

    It seems that John has taught his actors well as they are being very careful not to give anything away.

    I am hoping that Lar will be able to pry answers to some of our burning questions from John when his turn comes. LOL

    Only a few more days until the premiere of Season 3! I can hardly wait!


  3. Hey Faninawe,

    Rob had long since departed the premises, since this was at the very end of the shoot... :)

    And I know this will sound weird and awful and terribly wrong, but the slap was necessary perfomance-wise, for Kim AND me.

    I was playing the worst, most evil human being imaginable -- Astrid's despicable father -- and I had to "find" him.

    The slap helped.

    And Kim needed to know who Astrid was in the room with.

    The slap helped.

    And in three seasons of THB, every cast member has been slapped, hit, kicked, or beaten at least once. Myself included. :)

    It's that kind of show. And I'm that kind of director. I push. (But at least I don't employ firearms, like Friedkin or Cronenberg do occasionally...)