Friday, January 30, 2009

Premiere Day

Well, January 30th has finally "arrived," to coin a phrase.

The House Between Season Three is running today. Now.

You can find
"Devoured," -- the first episode of the third season in a few places. Simplest and neatest, It's playing on the home page, here.

"Devoured" is also broadcasting on Google Video right now,
at this link. Unfortunately, I can't embed that video here. Seems to be an issue with blogger. So for now -- just a link!

Or, you could watch the entire episode over at Veoh, with this link. But for some reason, the sound warbles horribly there (though it plays fine at Google Video...). I've reloaded the video three times at Veoh (don't ask how long THAT took...!), and every time it's the exact same thing. The picture is better at Veoh, but the sound is awful.

Another option, if you're extremely patient: download the episode in its entirety from Veoh and play it at the original quality. This provides the best picture and the best sound, but it takes some prep: the download took about 40 minutes on my computer.

Also, The House Between is generating a bit of buzz on these old Internets. Over at Marx Pyle's, Marx Madness blog, he resurrects an old interview with me about the origins of the series, and adds to it with a bunch of new material.

Here's a snippet:

Those who have sat down and stuck with ‘The House Between,’ have — for the most part — been hooked. But I don’t know how to train people to watch entertainment on their computer,” Muir said. “It’s something that will happen over time; and it will definitely be a generational thing.”

We would be remiss not to try and get the scoop on the new season. Muir was tight-lipped but did reveal that the third season takes place in a new location, The Dark Place - “a soiled, old and ruined place. The shape of it is something quite dastardly, as we learn in the third episode.”

Muir also disclosed, “Our denizens in the house at the end of the universe really start to reveal their cards in Season Three. There are some big revelations pending, particularly for the characters of Astrid and Travis. And, the overall story goes from intimate to epic; as the full story of the smart houses — and their place in the universe — is revealed at last.”

Meanwhile, writer/producer Joe Maddrey -- creator of the horror documentary Nightmares in Red, White and Blue -- reflects on the season three journey at his blog, here:

When we last checked in on the hapless heroes of The House Between, they were staring death in the face. Three of them had already been spirited away and the remaining three appeared to have only moments to live. Watching the final episode of season two (“Ruined”), I was amazed to find that I was 100% emotionally engaged. Although I have been involved with the production of the series since day one and know the real people behind the characters, I was still completely willing and able to suspend my disbelief. In the final moments of the show, I realized that not only did I believe in these characters… but also that I didn’t want to have to say goodbye to them.

The shooting of season two was so arduous that I think we all wondered if we’d be willing to go another round in the house between. Ultimately, writer/director John Muir was able to amass the troops for a third and final season. What he wasn’t able to wrangle was the old Victorian house where the characters first met. So in the last week of May 2008, we gathered at a new location – a run-down office building in one of North Carolina’s sleepiest old railroad towns. The building dates back to the turn of the 20th century, and was home to the first Belk department store… not that you’ll be able to tell from our footage. In season three, this husk of a building is known only as “the dark place,” and one need only glance at its crumbling walls, chipped-paint ceiling and exposed, skeletal beams to understand that this is a place with a history. It is older than the beloved “house between”… and much less pleasant..."

So, enjoy Premiere Day and here's hoping you like "Devoured." Watch it today, and watch it often...


  1. I loved DEVOURED. It was the same as the previous seasons and it was different than previous seasons in good ways, probably in the right ways. Bill's line about a gigantic dump cracked me up. I laughed several times at the jokes.I miss the hold house at the end of the universe but I read on Mr. Maddrey's blog it wasn't an option. I'm excited about the group exploring a new place together.

    Good start! Now the waiting begins for episode 3/2

  2. 3.2 better come fast! That teaser totally whetted my appetite for more after an already satisfying episode. Somehow, I had forgotten about "addicted", but it's all coming abck to me now. I am sooo glad THB is back. My life seemed to be missing something without it.... haha.

  3. *clap*clap*clap* Great episode. I remember shooting the Pranic Vampire and thinking "what the hell is going on inside Muir's head?" Now it all makes sense! My favorite moment was the confused look Pyle (Rob) gives when Astrid says that bit about bottomless perdition. Now that's some real method acting right there.

  4. Skin Job3:41 PM

    Arlo didnt have a big enough part but other than that I loved it. As of right now this minute I would rank Devoured right behind Ruined and Reunited as best episode.