Monday, January 26, 2009

The House Between Episodes 7 - 9

Links for the next three The House Between episodes, in sequence, for those sampling:

Episode 7: "Departed?"
Theresa, Arlo, ... Astrid, Bill and Travis believe they have finally found an escape from the house at the end of the universe.

Episode 8: "Returned"
In ... "Returned" (nominated for "Best Web Production" in the Sy Fy Genre Awards), the former denizens at the mysterious house at the end of the universe - Astrid (Kim Breeding), Arlo (Jim Blanton), Travis (Lee Hansen), Bill T. Clark (Tony Mercer) and Theresa (Alicia A. Wood) - are returned to their imprisonment in the strange house, but with startling gaps in their memories. Where did they go when they left the house? How did they return?

Episode 9: "Separated"
Arlo (Jim Blanton) has ... disappeared and re-emerged in a version of the house at the end of the universe that is a dark reflection of the world he knows. Meanwhile, his friends - Astrid (Kim Breeding), Travis (Lee Hansen), Bill (Tony Mercer) and Theresa (Alicia A Wood) - struggle to get Arlo back before time runs out, but Travis and Bill grow ever more argumentative.

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