Friday, January 16, 2009

Destinies Appearance in One Hour!

Don't forget: I'm on Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction with Dr. Howard Margolin this evening. In just one hour (at 11:30 pm, est) we'll be discussing The House Between, my independent and award-nominated sci-fi web drama, particularly the upcoming third season. Listen in here.


  1. We'll be there, good luck and have fun!

  2. Hi John!

    I recorded the show last night for upload but today my web hosting company is performing maintenance on the server so the site is down. After that, if your fans want to download a copy instead of stream off the WUSB site they can check out where (Once maintenance is finished) it will live on the internet forever where everyone can download and burn to CD you and Howard and bask in the CD's shiny....shinyness (sp?)

    Hope everything is going well for you, Annette and I talk about you often and... after checking out the on-line pictures I see you may be the North Carolina version for Forry Ackerman! ; - )