Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy October 31st, everybody!

First off, I want to wish all the readers here a safe and happy holiday. Have fun with the spooks and ghouls this evening! After all, everyone deserves one good scare...

And secondly, I want to thank my friend and war-time (meaning production...) consigliari, Joseph Maddrey, for contributing all those great horror movie location photographs to the blog this week. Joe is not only an excellent writer and producer, but his photographs are fantastic, as you've seen amply demonstrated here. Thanks Joe, for sharing your gorgeous work with us.

Special gratitude also to everyone who wrote to the blog with great guesses about the horror movie locations. All the photos have been "found" at this point, which is absolutely incredible; especially since I didn't provide much by way of clues. Great job, everyone!

Now, just try to stay out of trouble tonight, all right? (And watch The Strangers, if you can; review below). I'll be taking 2-year old Joel out trick-or-treating, and -- if Kathryn lets me -- I'll try to post pictures...


  1. I'm impressed that readers managed to guess so many locations without clues. I know I couldn't have done it if I hadn't taken the photos.

    I should take this opportunity to plug Sean Clark's filming location detective series "Horror's Hallowed Grounds," which is currently being hosted by the Bloody Disgusting website. I first moved to LA in October 2006, and one of the first things I wanted to do was a walking tour of the Halloween shooting locations - Sean's photos helped me navigate my way. This year, he also cobbled together a Halloween convention with cast and crew members from the various films. The convention involved a tour with running insider commentary.

    Finally, any readers who are interested in seeing the inside of the House on Haunted Hill should check out my blog. I've posted some photos.

    Happy Halloween!


  2. I just want to second the thanks extended to Joe for the wonderful photos. Beautiful work!


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