Thursday, December 27, 2007

Horror Films of the 1980s Mania

McFarland just e-mailed me this review of Horror Films of the 1980s. It's from Mania columnist Tim Janson. The review is dated November 30th, 2007. The book receives a grade of "A" and here's the red meat (but you can read the review in its entirety here.)

Horror Films of the 1980’s” by John Kenneth Muir, is an exhaustive guide to perhaps the most memorable era of horror films. Over 300 films are covered in detail within this massive, 800 plus page hardcover tome...As I thumbed through the book I felt like I was looking at an old scrapbook or photo album of friends and family members that I had not seen in many years...

...Muir, and his small group of reviewers show a depth of knowledge, but more importantly, a true love of this era of horror films..

...This is simply one of the finest horror reference books I’ve ever read. Well worth the $60 price tag!"

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