Monday, December 03, 2007


Today is my thirty-eighth birthday.

I was born on December 3rd, 1969, and so - in the mood for a little personal nostalgia - I decided this morning to present on the blog a little time capsule, a glimpse into the world of that day and era.

As usual, I have my parents to thank for being thoughtful and resourceful. Recently, I was at their home, and my Mom and Dad, without preamble, pulled out a yellowed edition of The New York Times from my birthday.

One they had kept for more than thirty-seven years. And one that I had never seen.

The newspaper on that day cost ten cents. And this edition is filled with advertisements for things like new cars (which cost a whopping $1,995 dollars), and tires (two tires for $25.00).

Headlines of the day involve an editorial by Al Gore (Senior), an arrest of "guru" Charles Manson, and the inaugural flight of the Boeing 747.

Also, being an admirer of film, I had to leaf to the movie listings and see what was playing. Among the fascinating titles: I am Curious (Yellow), The Arrangement (starring Kirk Douglas), Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice, and Midnight Cowboy.


  1. joey_bishop_jr.10:43 AM

    Happy birthday, fella!


    Enjoy whatever cake Kathryn allows you to have.

  3. astrid11:25 AM

    *sings* Happy Birthday, Mr. President... oh, wait...

  4. Happy Birthday John!
    I’ll bring the beer next time we transfer THB footage.


  5. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Happy Birthday John!
    I’ll bring the beer next time we transfer THB footage.


  6. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, my friends!!!

    You guys (and gals) are the best!


  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    There is (or was) a television production company called DECEMBER 3RD PRODUCTIONS. They produced "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman".

  8. Charles Manson, Midnight Cowboy and John Muir.... what a day. Happy birthday, and many happy returns!

  9. Anonymous11:03 PM

    It's a shame they weren't showing I Am Curious (Blue) - hey you can't win 'em all.

    Also, I'm now going to refer to THB as a "nasty but unforgettable screen experience." Is Rex Reed psychic or something!?!

    Happy birthday my friend : )


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