Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Theme Song of the Week # 6: The Alpha and Omega of MST3K


  1. joey_bishop_jr.11:40 PM

    Classic! I had never seen the first opening before. This was easily one of the greatest TV shows ever. So many memories! The first one I ever watched was Ring of Terror, which was way back in the long, long ago of (I believe) 1992. I remember myself and only about 50 others in the now gone theater in Willow Lawn shopping center. I remember telling everybody I knew that I was busy the night the last one aired on Sci-Fi.

    Thanks for the look back, John...and keep circulating the tapes!

  2. astrid9:00 AM

    What's that strange, maddeningly rhythmic tamborine music I hear...oh, no, it's Torgo!


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